Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Which Jesus do You know?

Oh man, don’t tell me there’s more than one, I’m still getting to know the savior.  I’m not referring to the “other Jesus” Paul mentions in 1 Co.11:4.  I’m talking about something more subtle than that.  Of those who even give Jesus space in their life, some have Him trapped as a little baby in a manger.  That’s understandable, maybe they only show up once a year when there’s a nativity scene in church.

Many believers have a picture of Jesus locked in their mind as a thirty-something young tan guy who gently did all sorts of cool miraculous things.  Maybe for them, they’re trying to live their life with the mantra WWJD, what would Jesus do?  I submit to you, a better question is; what DID Jesus do (on my behalf)?

If we grasp the scope and benefit of Jesus’ accomplishment for us on the cross when He finally cried out “It is Finished”, it will turn our faith world up side down.  Or perhaps I should say down side up!  Let this short three minute video challenge your image and concept of the resurrected redeemer, Grace Himself, Jesus Christ.  If it speaks to you, the full teaching of the same name is available for your listening at this link http://www.thewellatcl.com/media.php?pageID=27       

Happy Father's Day Paul! We Love You! -The Team at THE WELL