Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear My New Potential Youth Pastor

I know you’re probably out there, looking for a church that needs someone with your mad skills to lead young people into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.  Hoping there’s a group somewhere whose vision resonates with your passion?  Maybe you're feeling under-utilized for Jesus?

We’re looking for someone who knows the value of discipling teens to become secure in who they are in Jesus.   Someone who has a passion to see the power of peer pressure emasculated from driving our youth today.   Not a narcissistic overgrown kid that just wants to be their friend (being friendly is good, but they have friends, they need a leader.)  We’re looking for someone who can develop and lead youth in a brand new community.  We’re looking for someone who knows how to have fun, and still speak into young lives in a positive life-changing way.  We’re looking for a genuine, godly, gifted leader who lives the gospel, loves people and is radically growing in Grace. No masks necessary (or desired).

In order to not rob you of your treasure in heaven, the financial remuneration is minimal to start.  Such as we have, we give to thee, but paychecks might come in the form of dinners at our home and change from the couch, at least initially. We will need someone willing to be bi-vocational to start as we develop this brand new multi-site, radical grace church.

I will also commit to personally taking an interest in and mentoring you. Whatever resources I or my family has at our disposal we will leverage to get you out here and settled.  I will pray for you regularly.  I will seek to develop already existing skills and work with you in areas you want to grow in.  I will spend time with you and facilitate community to love and support you.

If you are looking for something hard, but fulfilling, we should talk soon.   This is a blank-slate opportunity.  Check out to catch a glimpse of what God is doing through us.

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